Thursday, 24 January 2008

The chicken-shop map

The shop run by 'Mum' and her husband, corner view

Mum's little shop is close to the river on the Thon Buri side.

Tucked into a leafy sidestreet running alongside the Pink Khlao Bridge, it is perched on a junction close to the local 7-11 and less than 100 metres from the local Chao Phraya River ferry landing. It sells newspapers and magazines, with alcohol as a sideline. 

These images from Google street view wlill have to suffice until I make a return visit. 

I didn't think many people would know about this place, on the Somdej Phra Pin Klao frontage road, and close to Wat Daowadueng, but a Thai friend who lives overseas was able to pinpoint it within a few metres.

The shop, which has no walls as such and is open both sides of the road, is close to an eatery outside the local 7-11 selling khao mun gai (chicken on rice), which is well known in those parts.

I told my friend about Mum's shop one day, and happened to mention the chicken place. Suddenly, she could visualise Mum's shop in her head.

'Oh, I know where you drink - that little newspaper shop on the corner!'

When I heard this, I realised why Thais have little use for maps.

Every locale must have at least one outstanding eating place. In place of maps, these serve as signposts for finding their way around.

The khao mun gai shop
The road behind the shop

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