Thon Buri side

My partner and I moved to Talad Phlu, on the Thon Buri side of Bangkok, weeks after we met at a hostel in the central city. Some of Maiyuu's friends lived out there, so we moved out there too, joining them in a rundown apartment building. Childhood friends, they grew up together in Chon Buri. Like Maiyuu, they came to the big smoke in search of love and work. 

Many of the early blog tales cover our lives in the old market town there. When away from home, I spent many hours at a small open-sided corner shop in Pin Khlao, where I befriended the owner, who I call 'Mum' after the Thai name which many of her youngster customers gave her.

We moved to Klong Toey, only our second move in the 20 years we have been together, in early 2009.

Thanks to this site for the images. In the blog itself, I have also made liberal use of images from this terrific site on Talad Phlu.

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