Sunday 9 June 2024

Mr Handsome returns

A regular contributor to this blog back in its heyday was Mr Handsome, a young gay Thai living in Bangkok.

When he started writing for the blog in late 2006, he had finished his studies and was taking his first steps into the adult world.

I cannot recall how we met (we never managed to do so in person), but we kept up regular email correspondence while our online friendship lasted.

At the time I provided a English translation to accompany his Thai, though I no longer have the English, as I deleted the original posts.

Going through old emails, however, I found I still have his original pieces in Thai, and would like to repost them here.

His writing could be caustic, entertaining  and witty, as regular readers noted at the time.

He was a natural talent, and enjoyed sharing his stories. I am not sure if he ever showed his writing to his Thai friends, but Mr H was seldom short of story ideas, and could surprise me with some of the topics he chose.

A prolific contributor, Mr Handsome penned over 50 stories between December, 2006, with an opening piece about his quest to find a boyfriend, and June 2008, when he wrapped up his contributions with a story on Camfrog.

The first of his posts is here. I will put up the others gradually over the next couple of months, under the Mr Handsome label.

Note: Thanks to this site for the Chinatown pic. Most of the images which will illustrate his posts are unrelated, though in a few cases I have found pics which pertain to the subject matter, such as the films which Mr H reviewed back then.

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