Friday, 6 March 2009

Bursting to tell

I am overseas, seeing my family.

I would like to take my boyfriend, but cannot. My family want me to themselves, which is understandable, as we go for a whole year at a time without seeing each other.

My parents, in any event, seem to regard boyfriend Maiyuu as a mere friend, or hired help.

They do not know we are in a relationship; or if they suspect, we haven't talked about it.

I would like to tell them, of course, but our lives are so different that I hardly see the point.

I don't relish telling my mother that she can say goodbye to fond hopes, nurtured since I was born, that I would one day marry and have children, as my siblings have done.

Ultimately, my parents just want to be to be happy - but preferably in a conventional relationship which could give me a family.

'What will happen when you are an old man, and alone?' they would ask.

On top of that, they hold Thais in low regard. 'They are great users,' they like to say. 'They always have their hand out. Just don't give them too much. It's your hard-earned money.'

Problems that I have encountered with Maiyuu have coloured the way they view Thais in general.

On the face of it, that's a good argument for telling them the way I feel.

However, I think it's better the way it is, at least for now.


  1. Enjoy your break


  2. "This time tomorrow, I shall be at Bangkok's airport. Oh, joy."

    Bon voyage & choke dee na.

  3. Enjoy your time away. I look forward to your return. Best wishes.

  4. Your parents sound like they have your best interests at heart, especially with regard to self-protection against users.


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