Thursday, 5 March 2009

You not like? Offer a few thoughts, then

Writing under the courageous 'anonymous' monicker, a reader leaves the following response to yesterday's piece on the foreigner-owned gay cafe in Silom:

'It seems you have moved from a location with at least a bit of reality to one which is nearly entirely back in the foreigner/tourist/sexpat ghetto.'

I must admit, that's not quite the response I was expecting. I thought readers might chip in with something along the lines of the following:

'I know of another gay farang who owns a cafe/bar/restaurant in Thailand...his experience was suchandsuch...'

I do not intend filing reports on the gay haunts in central Bangkok, as I won't visit them regularly. I have only just moved in to my condo, and am still getting to know the neighbourhood.

My friend farang C and I almost didn't end up in the gay-foreigner tourist area at all.

I wanted to take a look at leafy Lang Suan nearby, which has coffee shops and bars patronised more heavily by Thais than foreigners.

However, at the time farang C and I went in search of a place to relax, Lang Suan's bars weren't yet open.

But why should I apologise anyway?

My thoughts on the gay cafe I mentioned yesterday?

I like the idea of providing for my Thai boyfriend, but would not consider opening a business here, as too many potential problems arise.

Neither of us are social butterflies, yet to be a good host of a cafe or restaurant, especially a small, intimate place, demands a high level of people skills.

These are people who come to eat at your place but who you may never see again. Why open your life to a perfect stranger? It feels too invasive to me.

Cafe owner farang J and his Thai boyfriend P run the place together.

Farang J provides jobs for his boyfriend's family as well, including his parents. They cook, and help run the business while he is away.

Farang J's family in his native Europe did not approve of his relationship with Mr P, so perhaps farang J enjoys the relative warmth he gets from family in Bangkok.

Yet I am sure there were times when he felt like a guest in his own home and business, with family members and their hangers-on coming and going constantly.

It would be an unusual experience, and he was an interesting man to meet.


  1. I don't think there is any need to defend yourself for going to a particular part of the city. You've lived there so long, you must appreciate seeing the tourist area once in a while.
    I think the story about the cafe was very interesting and would like to hear more!

  2. I agree with you about the Thai business idea, too risky. Bribes and flexible laws, and possible eminent domain just lie in wait.

  3. For the friend w/horrific phone bills, one suggestion is "Skype"

    Another is to use the chat feature in such apps as AOL Instant messenger (you don't need to be an AOl user), Yahoo chat and on a PC Netmeeting.

    I use all of these and talk all over the country and no cost beyond that of having an ISP of course.

    Each chat app has some learning associated with it and you must co-ordinate when you will be online so that both parties can connect but, it kills the bills.

    If you have a webcam you can use video provided both parties have a decent connection.

    IMHO: You are wise not to consider investing in a business in Thailand. The country is on the verge of major political and possibly social upheaval. We don't need to go into details.

    Renting and keeping your assets in Western banks is best at this point.

  4. Recently the selection of sexy boy photos has been exceptional.
    Keep it going.


  5. I used to check this blog, for occasional snippets of interesting information about other things -like Nicky Pimp, Thai boys (pictures would be nicer, if captioned), life, etc. Lately, you seem to be studying your own navel to the point where every phrase contains "ME" or "I". I'm sorry to be rude, but somebody needed to tell you; self absorption is a dead end. Kisses

  6. Well Kimoochii21, no one can accuse your blog of self absorption - it contains one sentence written more than six months ago "what do you think the purpose of this blog should be?" If you dont know, why start it?

    Personally I find Bkk Dreamer's observations on life in Thailand more interesting than the sleazy musings of sex obsessed farangs and their moneyboys. Each to his own. The images remain captionless as often I have no idea who the models are. - Loyal Reader Ian

  7. OOps. I must've stepped on a sore toe. I don't have a blog, and don't wish to write about myself, daily. Why would it matter that you have no idea who the models are, "Loyal Reader Ian", since you're not the person posting the images, anyway? Where can I view "the sleazy musings of sex obsessed farangs and their moneyboys." I've never seen that. 'Sounds exciting. I luv "moneyboys". lol

  8. kimoochii21:

    You can find "the sleazy musings of sex obsessed farangs and their moneyboys" at just about any other blog. I suggest you find one.
    If you seem to be the only person having an issue with bkk's blog, maybe it is you that has a problem, not this blog?

  9. Duhh! In case you haven't noticed, this blog is the greatest source of information about the behavior of sex obsessed farangs and their moneyboys on the internet. That information is found in the postings of the many outside contributors, and I'm thrilled by it. Maybe you should concentrate on those little race cars, going round and round in circles, until they tell you that your time in high school is up. lol

  10. Because you are the one wanting captions, and I provide most of them, you dope. That's why he calls me Loyal Reader Ian. If you don't have a blog, then what do we get when clicking on your name then clicking on My Blog? Why an empty page with your name on it. - Ian

  11. Thank you, Ian, for taking care of the ship in my absence.

    Re captions: I don't always know the name of the guys who appear in the pics, so in those cases cannot provide much detail.

    However, I would like to provide captions anyway, so I shall see what Blogger allows me to do.

    Re navel-gazing: When I resume blogging regularly, I am likely to go back to posting more about Thai stars and less about the BF, as my home life is now settling down.

  12. Thai stars?? Now that is interesting...specially in what must be the country with less talent per star capita...

  13. girls girls...blogging is neither a duty nor a right. it's the ultimate free market where everyone can write and publish what they want.

  14. " Anonymous said...

    Thai stars?? Now that is interesting...specially in what must be the country with less talent per star capita..."

    Wrong-O mooseface. Thaipop is by-far the most varied and creative of the Asian music scene.

    There is some formulaic pap, but the Thais are truly the soulful Asians much of their current music is distinctive, with fun, a bit of wit and alot of good melody.

  15. I for one like the ways BBK captures his interactions with Thais....

    I have always been a fan of Mum's Place...

    I usually skip over the posts about Thai Stars...but I do loyally visit everyday...and Ian has the most extensive collection of photos known to mankind!

  16. I probably need to get a life but thank you Tao. - Ian

  17. Thank you, Tao.

    Now that we have moved to an inner-city condo, I am missing the contact I enjoyed with Thais such as those I met at Mum's shop.

    The new place feels isolated, even though it is in the centre of town. I have yet to find any new Thai friends around there, but shall try again when I get back from my break.

  18. Why does Lang Suan sound so familiar...


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